Digi Wedding Planners

Digital 24/7 wedding planners

Email & Text Package

You're ready to start wedding planning, but aren't sure if you need a formal planner? What if you do have a planner, but just need a second set of eyes? We're here to help with our completely digital wedding planners!

We have several experienced superheroes who can answer any wedding question you may have, and help guide you! You'll get access to them for the entire 30 days, morning or night, with a guaranteed 12 hour or less response time, or your money back!

  • 15 texts or emails

  • 24/7 Access to a planner

  • Traditional weddings covered


Email & Text Package Plus

Will you need more help? Our "Plus Package" contains more texts and emails, along with our Southern California preferred vendor list for whichever type of vendor you may be seeking!

We'll even be able to help you if you're planning an Indian, Persian, Afghan, Armenian, or Jewish wedding!

  • 50 texts or emails

  • Access to our preferred vendors list

  • 24/7 Access to a planner

  • Traditional and multi-cultural weddings covered

We'll also promise to answer within 12 hours or less, and you can email/text any time during the day or night- no exceptions!


Unlimited Package

Unlimited texts or emails, and as with all of our packages, a 12 hour or under response time. Feel free to send multiple emails or texts and we'll answer all together!

  • Unlimited texts or emails

  • Access to our preferred vendors list

  • 24/7 Access to a planner

  • multi-cultural weddings covered

  • 3 phone or video calls


Each package contains a 30 day duration, and you may have additional internet/phone charges for texting/emailing from your provider. As of right now, we're only serving Southern California couples, but we'll be expanding soon!


Ready to get started? Send us an email with whichever package is best for your needs!